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All your data in a single place. 

Bring data from any application, database, and files in a single place using our Data Connector - Data AI. No more conflicted versions, outdated data, or lost spreadsheets - just a single source of truth for everyone.


Start building dashboards without the hassle of managing your data.


Your data is safely stored in data centers, maintained and monitored by a leading global hosting and infrastructure provider.
Only you and the people to whom you give permission have access to it.


Data AI

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Your data is everywhere! In spreadsheets, your business applications, your computer, internal servers, your ERPs, and databases.

    Bring it all together in using our Data Connector and align everyone in your team on a single source of the truth. With several ready-to-use connectors, Kaprin can get data from any system for your reporting.

    We can also easily built a custom data connectors for your really custom use case.

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